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Customized Diet Plan

A nutritionist will give you a customised meal plan every week.

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In a typical package, you get 12-20 food products every month.

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Nothing works like personal mentoring with a nutritionist.

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No Weight Loss Pills, No machines, No Lies.
Only Honest Weight Loss Through Real Food!

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Truweight has been pivotal as a weight management company in the recent years. With over 20000 clients, it has proved time and again that weight loss is all about science and eating right. Weight loss pills, slimming machines, and other faddy diets might seem attractive but you need to look at the science behind weight loss.

Truweight has its own unique position among the various weight loss companies in India because of the fact that it manages to maintain a good balance of nutrition and exercise in its weight loss programs. 

If you managed to reach here, you’ve definitely tried to lose weight before, haven’t you? And we’re sure you’ve tried all those keyword phrases like weight loss Bangalore, weight loss Mumbai, weight loss Hyderabad and so on, depending on your location. Well, choosing the right weight loss company in India can be a real daunting task.

Okay, now think about it! If you could just lie on a bed with a slimming belt or eat a pill to lose weight, why would any rich person be fat? We bring to you a combination of superfoods that will help you lose weight scientifically. Just like fattening foods, there are superfoods. Call them diet foods or anything you want but these superfoods are highly beneficial for your healthy and they truly help you lose weight.

Truweight gives you over 40+ such foods. Why go for pills, supplements, machines and false promises when you can simply go for natural foods? As a part of our program, you get customized meal plans, a super food kit, and nutrition mentoring from an expert panel of nutritionists.

Thousands of people have lost weight with us and you can too!

Feel free to visit our centers for a free diet consultation or call us at your place for free home consultation. 

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