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Who we are?
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We are a research and nutrition based healthcare company that offers solution for obesity and lifestyle related disorders through superfoods and healthy eating.

What do we do?

Truweight’s mission is to “Make The Earth Lighter And Healthier” and we constantly strive to achieve this. Our team of expert nutritionists guide our clients towards a healthy and mindful eating. Since we strongly believe in “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” as told by Hippocrates, we greatly emphasise on eating healthy foods and encourage our clients to do the same.

We offer customised meal plans carefully designed by our nutritional experts to suit our clients’ needs health conditions. Personal nutritionists and doctors are assigned to each client for constant mentoring, guidance and motivation. This has paved way for our clients to lose weight in a healthy way.

There are over 100+ nutritionists & doctors across Truweight centres situated in various cities in India. We have counselled 30,000+ clients and helped them achieve their weight loss goals and manage health issues. Our team has helped people fight several lifestyle related diseases like PCOD, diabetes, thyroid, hypertension etc. Our motto is to help people lead a healthier and happier life.

How do we do it?

Truweight as a company does not believe in or encourage weight loss pills, crash diets, unhealthy exercising, slimming belts etc. Instead of relying on these unrealistic and unnatural approaches, we place our faith on Mother Nature and have endorsed only natural methods when it comes to weight loss. After all one gains weight because of unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. Damage can be undone only by rectifying the actual problem.

Truweight focuses on the 7 root causes of obesity which are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Lack of sleep
  • Internal inflammation
  • Stress
  • Body toxins 
  • Gut bacteria imbalance

We work towards rectifying these issues in order to provide you the most effective weight loss program. We also focus on including basic superfoods that are seldom used in a regular diet. 

We include superfoods like apple cider vinegar, wheatgrass, spirulina, moringa, chia seeds, quinoa and garcinia along with seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in our products. Superfoods meticulously designed and offered by Truweight are loaded with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and other various micronutrients. These nutrition-rich foods greatly help in weight loss and keep the body nourished and energised.

Why should you choose Truweight?

Because with Truweight, you will lose weight not by rigorous dieting and vigorous exercising, but by eating – a lot. When you enroll with Truweight, weight loss becomes an inevitable part of the process but the main focus will be on bettering the health through the use of superfoods.

Now if you are a calorie-centric person, this might come as a surprise. Why, this can even be shocking. Calories play little to no role when it comes to weight loss and you will be surprised to know that you can still lose weight by eating more. Most dieticians tell you to count calories but we like to keep a more inclusive view of things. Calories alone do not count! 100 calories of coca-cola are not the same as 100 calories from an Apple. There’s more to it than what just meets the eye. The key is what you eat and Truweight helps you to identify it.

Truweight’s Superfood Kit is both tasty and healthy that you will not feel like you are on a diet. For us, customer satisfaction comes first and for this very reason, we assign personal nutritionist to each client to mentor him/her throughout the journey. With Truweight program, you can lose more than 15kgs especially around your midriff and see a spike in your energy levels.

Most importantly, Truweight’s diet plans are customised according to the needs of our clients. Our nutritionists have and are still helping our clients fight diseases like PCOS, diabetes, thyroid etc with a healthy and nutrition rich diet.

Our story

Being in shape and looking fit has always been in vogue. Several years ago, we started a fitness club for women. Gradually we realised that women who came to the fitness club were looking to lose weight predominantly than to stay fit.  When it comes to weight loss, food plays a major role and exercise only comes later. To our surprise, a majority of the people were ignorant about this.

That’s when we conceptualised Truweight. The idea of bringing back the age old nutrient dense  foods that are seldom used in today’s kitchen was quite appealing. Besides, weight loss and food were always negatively associated and we wanted to change this.  As long as the humankind lives, food and eating will also live and we made it our mission to educate people about the goodness of food and the benefits of healthy eating. 

With over 100 doctors and nutritionists, Truweight takes pride in its scientific approach as a Healthcare company. We have spent over 5 years researching all the diet programs in the world and finally, the products of Truweight was born.

We realised that a healthy weight loss can be achieved only by following a healthy and nutrition rich diet. Trust us, it is impossible to outrun a bad diet.  The vision behind Truweight was to start a company whom you can TRUST completely with your efforts to lose weight. Our mantra is “No lies. Only TRUE weight loss.”

Meet our team

Vishnu Saraf

Co Founder & CEO

With a pedigree to boast of (SRCC, IIM A), he has the obsessive compulsive disorder to strive for perfection in everything. “Let’s think about what are the areas where we can improve” happens to be his wake-up alarm every morning.

Megha More

Co Founder & COO

If you ever wonder, “what is the reason behind Truweight’s unrelenting focus on customer’s satisfaction”, you know whom you should thank. If Vishnu is the brain behind Truweight, she is the heart and soul.

Dr. Suhasini Mudraganam

Chief Nutritionist

Suhasini Mudraganam is a leading food scientist who has helped design the Truweight Food plan. She has done her MS in Nutrition from University of Missouri, USA and has over 14 years of global experience.

Dr. Shunmukha Priya .S

Scientific Research Officer

Shunmukha Priya. S is a post-graduate in Food Science and Nutrition. She presented several papers in National and International Conferences and had publications in national and international journals. She is a lifetime member of the Nutrition Society of India.

Dr. K. Jalarama Reddy

AGM – New Product Development & Factory Operations

A Ph.D in Food Science and a postgraduate in Food Technology, K. Jalarama Reddy is trained in ISO 22000 standards for Internal Auditor, Lead auditor, Global Food Safety Initiation (GFSI) and Lean Six Sigma Tools and project. He is also a lifetime member in Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, India, & Association of Indian Meat Science.

Nitish Rai

Vice President – Engineering

A B-Tech graduate in Information Technology, Nitish Rai has 8+ years of experience working in the IT industry. He has handled projects in several domains like Fin-Tech, Communication and Healthcare.

Samina Ali

Product Manager

Having worked at MNCs like Deloitte, Microsoft and RPG, Samina has a knack for discovering and addressing our customer’s needs. An MBA graduate from XLRI, she works to ensure business and customer satisfaction is met with product solutions in any form including technology, marketing, design, sales, functional – yes all of them!

Nilesh Godle

Associate Vice President – HR

A post-graduate in Human Resources with 9 years of MNC and startup experience, Nilesh leads Truweight’s HR team for Pan India. Nilesh has been part of Truweight since its inception in 2015. His experience spreads across various industries such as hospitality, retail, F&B and healthcare industry. He loves to travel and never misses a chance to sit at the window seat, because who doesn’t like a window seat?

Mayank Gupta

Vice President -Sales

Mayank Gupta is a man of action, heading sales and driving revenues at Truweight. With over 5 years of experience in leadership roles, he is adept in sales, training, people and process development. He is an MBA and B.Tech graduate from IIM Indore and NIT Bhopal respectively. When not managing business, he loves to travel, cook and spend time with his family.

Nikesh Rathi

Assistant Vice President – Digital Marketing

Nikesh Rathi is an alumnus of IIM, Lucknow and has worked on digital marketing assignments across diverse industries. He has over 10 years of experience, and his most recent assignment was with Jio. In addition to that, he is also an avid reader and a published author.