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Did you know ‘Anti Inflammatory Detox’ helps Greatly in Weight Loss?

Detoxification is a holistic approach for cleansing your body from all the toxins and harmful bacteria accumulated due to the ingestion of chemical pollutants in the environment, food additives, pesticides in foods etc.

Detoxification should be done not only for weight loss but for other beneficial effects on your health. 

Why Do I Need Detox?

All objects need cleansing, otherwise they will look old and worn out, same is the case with our body.

When inanimate objects need cleansing, why don’t a living human body?

Our body looks old, emaciated and weak if we won’t detoxify it.

Moreover, there is also a risk of some serious diseases such as cancer if you don’t eliminate toxins and free radicals from your body. Your skin and internal organs also get damaged due to free radicals.

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Do you know that accumulation of toxins in your body can cause inflammation and a consequent weight gain?

Now you have to address the root cause of weight gain, that is to remove all accumulated toxins in your body. Once it is done, you will start to lose weight.

Detox diet

According to the Truweight program, body detox is the most important phase, which helps to deal with the root cause behind recurring weight gain and other health issues as well.

The problems such as gut bacteria imbalance, excess toxicity and inflammation are also treated.

Look and feel better in just 1-2 week!

You will feel rejuvenated and energetic at the end of the detox week.  

Moreover, this phase will accelerate your weight loss process as the toxins will be flushed out from your body. If you follow this week properly, you will see greater results in the entire program.

Foods to be Cautious during Detox!

You would be surprised to know that Truweight Detox diet allows you to eat almost everything from rice to rotis. In fact, you will be having 3 big meals and 2 mini-meals.

However, during detox programme you need to avoid certain foods that can be problematic during your detox phase. These foods are gluten-containing foods. Gluten is a protein present in mostly wheat.

Some people are allergic to gluten which has many symptoms and one of them is inflammation. So these foods can interfere with the detox programme.

To be on safer side we ask you to avoid it during the detox weeks. This will help you to yield more results from the detox weeks.

Apart from gluten foods, avoid sugar, dairy products, caffeine and red meat.

The Power of theTruweight Detoxification Program

Detox phase attacks 3 causes of obesity: toxicity, gut bacteria imbalance and inflammation.

Through healthy digestion, Truweight puts tremendous effort to achieve the following:

Key 1: Reduce inflammation and bloating by removing food sensitivities

Key 2: Re-establish healthy bacterial balance

Key 3: Reduce toxic elements from our body

So, unlike other detox diets, Truweight detoxification checks the reasons behind weight gain.

Most of us suffer from some stomach related problems and this phase is all about improving the digestive system.

It is like sending your old car for “maintenance” and getting almost a new car!!

Foods to be consumed during Detox Cycle

  • Gluten Free grains (ragi, jowar, bajra, foxtail millet, quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat)
  • Rice (Brown rice, puffed rice, red rice poha)
  • Soups (with vegetable) / cooked vegetables
  • Nuts (fist full) – especially almond and walnuts
  • Fruits, Salads
  • Beans/legumes/sprouts/dals
  • Flaxseeds
  • Eggs
  • Sweet potato
  • Condiments (sendha namak, vinegar)

During this phase, it is very important to cleanse your system. And the following items will help a lot in detoxification:

  • Probiotic supplements
  • Wheatgrass
  • Vegetable Juice
  • Lemon juice, buttermilk, coconut water,
  • Triphala (taste is not great; if you prefer you can  also go for tablets of triphala)
  • Green Tea

Apart from consuming these highly nutritive edibles, avoid some addition that can cause a reverse effect!

Cut down on an intake of sugar, dairy products, red meat, gluten and caffeine from your daily regime.

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