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Brown Rice Biryani Recipe | Truweight

Brown Rice Biryani Since ages, biryani has been popular among the people and probably the most loved dish of all. The rich Indian spices used in it is what makes it apart from other dishes. A one-pot dish where rice is

Spinach Saute Rice

Spinach Saute Rice Sautéed spinach combined with rice makes for a delicious meal and is a nice addition to any meal. 1 bunch palak1/2 cup brown rice1 cup chopped onion2-3 nos green chillies2 nos cloves1/4 stick

Lemon Brown Rice Recipe

Lemon Brown Rice Recipe Lemon rice is one of the most popular recipe which is often made in South India. This recipe of Truweight is unique because it is cooked with brown rice which is healthy and serves as a proper nutritious