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Bajra Pulao Recipe | Truweight

Bajra Pulao Recipe Move over regular pulao, here comes bajra pulao. Really! Bajra in a pulao? Rich in the fibre named lignin, heart-healthy due to the presence of niacin, potassium and magnesium; bajra is a definite

Mint Rice Recipe | Truweight

Mint Rice Mint Rice is a great recipe, especially in summers. Mint or pudina is easily available and it’s rather easy to prepare a bowl of mint rice. All you need to do is add some chopped coconut, coriander to brown

Palak Raita Recipe – Truweight

  Palak Raita Get inspired by Hulk and embrace the colour green? Confused? We are talking about palak raita! Blend in this mineral rich green into curd for a powerful combo and an accompaniment to all the rice/subji delicacies.