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Stuffed Sprouts Paratha Recipe

Stuffed Sprouts Paratha Recipe Parathas are a favourite among many. People love it so much that they came up with several versions like Aloo paratha, methi paratha, peas paratha, paneer paratha and so on. Slightly

Vegetable Stew Recipe

Vegetable Stew Recipe This is an easy to prepare vegetable stew recipe which goes well with appam, bread or rice. An easy to make vegetable stew recipe is a family favorite and a perfect recipe to treat cold and

Spinach Saute Rice

Spinach Saute Rice Sautéed spinach combined with rice makes for a delicious meal and is a nice addition to any meal. 1 bunch palak1/2 cup brown rice1 cup chopped onion2-3 nos green chillies2 nos cloves1/4 stick