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CA Srinivas Lost 22 Kgs and Controlled Diabetes & Cholesterol

Mr. Srinivas is a renowned Chartered Accountant from Khairatabad, Hyderabad whose work involves long hours of sitting and high stress levels. Because of his busy schedule, he would either skip meals or not eat for long hours and very often dine outside, as a part of official lunch or dinner. Due to polio in his leg, he was also unable to exercise. As a result, he gained weight and weighed 90 kgs. And what was more worrying was that he had been suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol for over 5 years.

He was genuinely worried and so was his wife. He was just 40 and if he did not do anything about it, it would become worse by the time he turns 50. His health was affecting his work too. Something had to be done to fight the trio villains: obesity, diabetes and cholesterol. They did not believe in weight loss gimmicks like weight loss pills, sauna belt and machines. Being educated he knew that only “eating right” can make him lose weight. He had heard a lot about Truweight weight loss program and decided to try it. He was particularly impressed with Truweight’s philosophy of “No pills, no machines, no Lies. Only Honest Weight Loss through Super Foods.”

How he lost weight and gained health**

Truweight customized diet charts based on his health and requirements. Also, as part of the program, he was given Super Food Kit, which consisted of 25 Fat Burning Foods. Smart carbs were added to his diet, fibre and protein intake were increased, more of whole grains, millets and pulses were added. He was given Seeds Cocktail and Super Fibre (as part of the Super Food kit), which consisted of flaxseeds and fenugreek and helped in lowering cholesterol and diabetes.

His results were shocking
Before Truweight(1st Nov, 2013) After Truweight
Weight (kgs) 90 68
Blood Sugar – Fasting (mg/dl) 237 98
HbA1c 10.1 5.1
Triglycerides 211 83
Total Cholesterol 231 112
Microalbumin Urine 97.9 3.3

CA Srinivas not only lost weight but also gained tremendous health. Much beyond his expectations. Both his sugar and lipid profile has come under normal range. It is rightly said “Food is the best medicine”. He was able to defeat the obesity, diabetes and cholesterol devils with the help of Super Foods.

“Truweight gave me a Rebirth”

CA Srinivas’s life has changed and he feels a lot healthier and more energetic. He could barely climb few stairs earlier and now he can walk for kms. And with 22 kgs down, he looks a completely different person. And all that happened in just 8 months!!

CA Srinivas’s 3 tips for weight loss:
  1. Eat millets, whole grains.
  2. Take expert advice for eating right.
  3. Try Super Food Kit. It’s the magic weapon.


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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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