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Your Journey to a Healthier lifestyle starts now.

The world is going through a lifestyle disease epidemic. Poor nutrition is leading contributor of early deaths today. Even more than smoking.

Our diet is getting worse day by day. As a result, teens are getting diabetes and people are dying of heart attacks in their 20s. If we eat unhealthy, we are not just spoiling our health, but also of our future generations.

The good news is, we can fight it naturally with food. Let’s take a pledge to make the world healthier.

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What does the program include ?

Physician supervision

An Ayurvedic Doctor will diagnose your issues through blood check reports and guide you throughout the program

Personal Health Coach

Expert Nutritonist will help you make sustainable gradual changes in your lifestyle and dietary habit and will keep your motivated and focused

Clinic in your pocket

Scientific analysis, expert advise and quick questions anwered – all through our easy to use mobile app, just a click away

Nutrient dense Foods

Healthy eating will be ensured through our vast range of high protein, high fibre nutrient dense food

Truweight is a research and nutrition based healthcare company that helps people deal with obesity & obesity related disorders like

Diabetes (Type II)



Sleep Apnea


Heart Disease

How Does Truweight Function?

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Attacks 7 Causes Of Obesity

Truweight is the only program which attacks 7 causes of obesity.


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The Anti Starving Regime

Say no to counting calories. Get ready to eat more to lose weight.


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Lose Weight With Our Super Foods

Food got you fat and now our Super Foods will help you lose weight


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Tasty Healthy Foods That You Enjoy

From khakras to laddoos, we’ve given your favourite foods a healthy spin so you can enjoy them and not feel guilty.


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Designed By Food Scientists

Our R&D team has tweaked our foods endlessly to come up with the winning Truweight formula.


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Expert Panel of Nutritionists and Doctors

Our customers trust our expert panel of Doctors and Nutritionists who have helped them get healthier.