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Honest Success Stories

We’ve helped over 30000+ customers with our simplified method on how to overcome Lifestyle Diseases and supplement their diet with Super Foods. Read our amazing success stories and client reviews to know how we can help you!


Ranjan Sahoo Weight Loss Journey

Lost 11kgs

Ranjan Sahoo

Truweight helped me a lot to achieve my dream!**

Truweight weight loss journey

Lost 8 kg

Dr. Archana

Diabetic and obese, 32-year-old dentist Archana chose Truweight after good reviews online. It worked for her good as she lost 8 kgs in 2.5 months. **

Sandeep Kumar featured image

Lost 15 kg

Sandeep Kumar Arora

Super foods are really good, they are healthy and changes one’s concept of “healthy may not be tasty**

praveen kumar featured image

Lost 15 kgs

Praveen Kumar

I am able to work for 12 hours without feeling exhausted!**

Rashmi Ghosh featured image

Lost 11 kgs

Rashmi Ghosh

I now feel more confident about myself!**

Ak ghosh featured image

Lost 23.5 Kgs

A K Ghosh

Thanks to Truweight, they helped a soldier to soldier on,” exclaimed Mr Ghosh.**

Anupam bhatnagar Featured image

Lost 17 kgs

Anupam Bhatnagar

I sincerely thank Truweight and its coaches who helped me in improving my health.**

Divya Iyer Weight Loss Journey

Lost 32.9kg

Divya Iyer

My health and fitness levels have improved a lot after weight loss **

Anand weight loss journey

Lost 14 kgs

Anand Soma

I feel active and energetic like never before**

Madhavi lost 7 Kgs and controlled her Diabetes naturally

Lost 7 kg


I would advise all Diabetics to focus on following the right diet !**

padmaja & mridula weight loss journey

Lost 13 kg

Padmaja & Dr Mridula

Truweight taught us that diet isn't about eating less but about eating the right way **

Dr.-Rakesh weight loss journey

Lost 21 Kgs

Dr. Rakesh

I overcome the fear of Diabetes by bringing it under control !**

CA srinivas featured image

Lost 22kg

CA Srinivas

CA Srinivas joined Truweight for weight loss and managed to control his diabetes & cholesterol too! **

Thyroid / Cholesterol

Rashmi Murthy weight loss

Lost 22kgs

Rashmi Murthy

I can now fit into all those dresses I have longed for all these years**


Lost 17.5kgs

Sapna Shettigar

I feel more active, energetic and most importantly, a completely new me**

Vishnu Priya weight loss journey

Lost 11 kg

Vishnu Priya

My favourite Truweight foods are definitely the snacks!**

Sheuli weight loss journey

Lost 6.7 kg

Sheuli Bhatia

Her weight loss controlled her thyroid conditions, helped her gain confidence and win the title of Mrs India Spark 2016**

Sharda M Bajaj

Lost 14 kg

Sharda Bajaj

The program won't let you starve, in fact, it comes with the tastiest healthy foods ever!**

Rajyalakshmi - Featured Image

Lost 10 kgs


I feel so energetic. I am able to maintain my weight in a healthy way**

Deepshikha Featured Image

Lost 10 kg

Deepshikha Thakur

The foods were amazing and I enjoyed having them**

Indumathi featured image

Lost 11 Kgs


Homemaker Indumathi’s journey of weight loss with Truweight**

Asha Prem Kumar Weight Loss Journey

Lost 18 Kgs

Asha Kumar

A 53 years old woman who weighed 100 kgs along with battling Menopause, Hypothyroid and borderline Diabetes. Read more !**

indira weight loss journey

Lost 16 kgs


After losing weight with Truweight, I am feeling light and walk better without my knee pain.**

Sudhir weight loss journey

Lost 8 kgs


I have inspired many of my friends and family members to start healthy eating and live healthily**

savita weight loss journey

Lost 21 kgs


I am loaded with compliments from my friend, family and colleagues**

Nageshwari Lost 16 kgs - Weight loss

Lost 16 kgs


I feel very encouraged. I feel motivated to lose more weight**

a lakhshmi

Lost 10 kg

A Lakshmi

I am a changed person, because I took a decision and did not procrastinate!**

Ajay weight loss journey

Lost 10 kg


Despite dealing with increased TSHI levels, hypertension, and acidity, Ajay still managed to lose 10.3 kgs!**

Mr & Mrs.Kini Weight Loss Journey

Lost 43 kg

Mr & Ms. Kinni

Having a partner in your weight loss journey helps a lot!**


Rakesh chandrashekar weight loss

Lost 24kgs

Rakesh Chandrashekar

After losing weight, I have gained confidence with improved level of fitness.**

Vijal Shah Weight Loss Journey

Lost 18.5kgs

Vijal Shah’s

Superfoods are actually the ‘Super Duper Foods’**

Nirbhab Barat weight loss

Lost 16kgs

Nirbhab Barat

I feel more energetic as if capable of doing any given task**

Madhura Bhagwat weight loss

Lost 14kgs

Madhura Bhagwat

The superfoods of Truweight are really delicious and wonderful**

Venkappayya Sardesai 

Lost 21kgs

Venkappayya Sardesai

Feel the positive change after losing all the excess weight**

Anuradha weight loss stories

Lost 23 Kgs

Anuradha K

The products of Tuweight were effective in losing my weight and keeping me healthy.**

Charan Featured Image

Lost 12.8 kgs

Charan HR

It feels like I have rediscovered the new me!**

Manoj weight loss journey-Truweight

Lost 13 kgs


The superfoods are not just healthy but also amazingly good in taste**

Kiran weight loss jouney-Truweight

Lost 20 kg

Kiran Kumar

It is unbelievable but I am happy and overjoyed for my new weight now **

Dr Yajuvenndra’s 10 Kgs Weight Loss

Lost 10 kg

Dr.Yajuvenndra Dangoria

I joined Truweight because it actually believes in eating healthy rather than eating less calories and dieting.**

Abdul Javeed weight loss journey

Lost 12 kg

Abdul Javed

After shedding 12 kgs, I felt I was younger by 5 years younger.**

Siddharth success story

Lost 17 kgs

Siddharth Deshpande

I am absolutely feeling that I am on top of the world at the moment**

Vijay Santhosh featured image

Lost 10 Kgs

Vijay Santosh

I gained the confidence and started enjoying the healthy superfoods**

Shailesh weight loss journey

Lost 10 kgs


Truweight came with amazing superfoods that made my entire weight loss journey tasty**

Ajay weight loss journey

Lost 15 kg

Ajay Parashar

I feel much better, fit and young**

Siddharth weight loss journey

Lost 11 kgs


After losing the weight and going through the entire process of Truweight, I have discovered myself !**

Srividya lost 11 Kgs - Weight Loss Journey

Lost 11 kgs


The diet plans gave me a new way of healthy eating that shall follow all my life**

Archit prasad weight loss journey

Lost 13 kg

Archit Prasad

Truweight has indeed shortened my journey of weight loss**

mukesh Success story

Lost 10.5 Kgs


Losing weight with Truweight opened the doors of confidence and better health for Mukesh!**

Ramamurthy 15.4 Kgs Weight Loss Success Story

Lost 15.4 kg

JV Ramamurthy

My self-confidence has been boosted tremendously & feel very light.!**

Bhavna Success story

Lost 15 kg

Bhavna Dangoria

Motivated me to make better food choices and start a healthy exercise regime!**

RP-thakur Weight loss journeyRP-thakur Weight loss journey

Lost 12 kg

R.P. Thakur

Truweight helps the client lose weight providing the right guidance.**

Dr.-Shyam weight loss story

Lost 20 kg

Dr Shyam

I lost 20 kgs and got my insulin and lipid profile under control.**


Lost 20 kg


Super foods work as a charm in losing weight!.**


Lost 12 kg


Filmmaker Prabhaker Jaini can teach us a thing or two about will power and weight loss! **

Dr. Aakanksha lost weight through Truweight

Lost 10 kg

Dr. Aakanksha

Along with weight, Dr. Aakanksha saw her stress levels go down and her stamina zoomed upwards! **


Lost 10.5 kg


Sushmita lost 10.5 kgs in 3 months and her weight loss inspired her to say adiós to stress! **


Niharika weight loss journey

Lost 22 Kgs


Great improvement in my energy levels, stamina levels, feeling light and my confidence has increased**


Lost 6.3 kg


After losing 6.3kgs with Truweight, 27-year-old marketing professional, Chandni overcame Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder! **

neeharika 11.2 kgs weight loss success story

Lost 11.2 kg


Disappointed with other weight loss methods, Neeharika finally found success with Truweight! **

Ashwini Deveraju weight loss journey

Lost 20 kg

Ashwini Deveraju

Now I can feel that I have become healthier, fitter and active.**


Nisha Shah weight loss

Lost 10.2kgs

Nisha Shah

Started playing games and doing exercise without feeling tired**

gunjan sharma featured image

Lost 12 Kgs


I also got a lot of compliments from my colleagues and family people,I felt confident.**

Reshmi-rajesh weight loss journey

Lost 7 kg

Reshmi Rajesh

I feel much more confident, healthy and fit. The allergy I had over my face also visibly reduced.**

sameera weight loss journey

Lost 10 kg

Sameera Azeem

I feel younger and more beautiful now!**

Sowmya weight loss journey

Lost 17kg


Truweight is not just a weight loss program, its a life changing experience!**

Mamta Agarwal weight loss through Truweight

Lost 13 kg

Mamta Agarwal

Losing post pregnancy weight and overcoming acidity, migraine and other medical problems has changed Mamta's life! **


Lost 6.2 kg


With a TV career to look forward to, Truweight helped Ramya get back her pre-pregnancy glow! **


muktha rahalkar featured image

Lost 23kgs

Mukta Rahalkar

I have not just lost weight but now, I am more energetic, flexible and way more lively!**

Uttej Weight Loss journey

Lost 28 kg


My life has been transformed for good! I feel more active and energetic now**


Lost 21 kg


Ridhiman gained 12 kg after he stopped gymming and managed to lose it and more with Truweight! **


Lost 16.2 kg


I am an 18 years old student and I was very unhappy with myself. I lacked confidence and was suffering from back pain due to my weight! **


Lost 10 kg


Much like online reviews, Deepak banked on Truweight to help him control his weight and get the most out of college!**


Lost 14 kg


With Truweight and the Super Food Kit, 21-year-old Sreelatha lost 14 kgs and 21 massive inches in a matter of 3 months! **

Hypertension / Epilepsy

Rajalakshmi Weight Loss Journey

Lost 12kgs


Feels very energetic, confident and happy after losing weight**

Bharghavi Weight Loss Journey-Truweight

Lost 15 kg

Bharghavi C

I feel my stamina has improved and I also feel more energetic & my body feels light.**

Gone Madhukar

Lost 14 kilos

Gone Madhukar

Truweight didn't just make me become lighter but healthier too! **

Dr.-Surendranath weight loss journey

Lost 15 kg

Dr. CH. Surendranath

I fit into all my old trousers and I don’t need to change my wardrobe any more.**


Lost 7 kg


Suffering from obesity, high BP and low immunity, Swarnalatha got her health back with Truweight!**


Ruma sen weight loss

Lost 10.5kgs

Ruma Sen

I have been able to motivate my family even, to make healthier choices wherever you are!**

Vijaychandran weight loss journey

Lost 12 Kgs


Joined the Truweight 3 months program that changed My life in the most healthy way**

Jinendra weight loss journey

Lost 12 kgs


Truweight's superfoods work wonders when it comes to reducing weight**

Dhananjay weight loss journey

Lost 17 kgs


After the weight loss, I started feeling more energetic and confident**

Kunal weight loss journey

Lost 16 kgs

Kunal Parmar

The superfoods given by Truweight are really healthy and yummy. **

Mallikarjun Weight Loss Journey

Lost 13 kg


I feel more energetic and fit after losing my weight **

Knee Pain

Nisha Aggarwal Weight Loss

Lost 9.3kgs

Nisha Aggarwal

I am very happy, more confident and healthier than ever**

Gunjan Weight Loss Journey

Lost 15 kg

Gunjan Dahiya

I have started weight training for toning and feel much more active!**

Anubha Weight Loss Journey Through Truweight

Lost 10 kgs


I found my self-confidence back after losing the weight **


Priya patkar weight loss journey

Lost 18.20 kgs

Priya Patkar

All the products were of great help and have changed my wrong eating habits to healthy!**

Anirudh's Testimonial

Archit's Testimonial

We’ve had a phenomenal response and customer reviews so far. Over 30000+ clients have gained health and lost weight with us just by maintaining a proper lifestyle and eating right. Every individual’s health challenges are different and so we have nutritionists and doctors customize everyone’s diet chart. Unlike most programs that ask you to starve or go on various fitness regimes, Truweight educates you on nutrition, wellness, and eating right. You don’t have to do things blindly and you’ll find a scientific explanation behind each and everything that you’re asked to do. Don’t miss the chance to call us to your place for free health consultation