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What Will you get

food products (2)

You will get one detox kit (16 products) at the beginning of the program (if you are enrolling for the first time) and one kit for each month (11 products for Silver package, 18 products for Gold, 23 products for Platinum). For example a 5 month program will have 6 kits for you, detox + 5 kits for each month. All the kits will not get delivered at the same time. You will get both detox and first month kit together or in a gap of 5-7 days. Rest of the kits will be delivered once in a month. In case of Transform Kit, you will get 50 products in total for the entire duration of your package.



Personal coach (1)

You will get a coach (a certified nutritionist) who will give you personalized meal plans every 15 days.

  • Availability: Your coach will be available to assist you for 7-8 hours in a day depending on her shift for typically 6 days in a week (apart from national/public holidays and sick leaves). Incase they are on leave for more than 3 days, some other coach will take care of you. In general they are available between 11 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Frequency: In Silver package, you are entitled to 2-3 counselings every month with your coach. In Gold package, 4-5 counselings every month and in Platinum package, 6-8 counselings every month (also 2 calls with Super Senior Dieticians). You can use app to book an appointment with your coach.
  • Chat: You can reach them via the chat option on the app. The coach might take upto 12-24 hours to respond to your chat. She will remain in touch through the client chat regularly.
  • First call: You will get the first call from your Nutrition Coach within 48 hours of joining the program. She will explain the detox chart once the kit is delivered to you.
  • Change of coach: Your coach might change at any point during the program, but that would not affect your service quality.

Mobile App (1)

You will have access to our mobile app, which will play a huge role in your weight loss journey. It is mandatory to use the app as this is the primary medium of connection between you and your coach.